Water Testing

Clatterbuck Home Inspections, LLC offers water quality testing for total coliform bacteria and/or lead testing for residential well systems.* 


This is required (and recommended) for most loans on properties with well water systems.

Why test for coliform bacteria?

For the biologist, if disease-causing organisms (pathogens) are present, coliform organisms are usually present as well. The absence of total coliform bacteria is evidence of bacteriologically safe water

Is a private well monitored like a public water supply?

Public or municipal water systems are regularly tested for contaminants regulated by Federal and state standards. If you obtain drinking water from a private well, you alone are responsible for assuring that it is safe. For this reason, routine testing for a few of the most common contaminants is highly recommended. Even if you currently have a safe, pure water supply, regular testing can be valuable because it establishes a record of water quality. This record can be helpful in solving any future problems and in obtaining compensation if someone damages your water supply. Clatterbuck Home Inspections, LLC always use a Virginia certified lab.

Interested in Water Testing?  Just ask when requesting your inspection!

*Not included in base inspection price,
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